My Story 

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Throughout my life I’ve experienced burnout and much difficulty from pushing myself physically, mentally and emotionally to the limit, sometimes through my work as a performer, artist and activist, sometimes because it’s all I’ve known from the culture around me, to strive, hustle, push and force myself to keep going in unsustainable ways. It has taken a period of deep learning to begin to embody and learn how to live in a way that supports me to thrive, and therefore the things I am doing that are meaningful and in service to the world. 


My biggest learning was during an intense year deeply involved with climate activism where I had the opportunity to participate in a year long course called ‘Bringing It Home’ run by Rebecca Card and Peter Cow, which was all about living closer and more connected to the cyclical rhythm of life. It was a moment where my ongoing interest in remembering ancestral practices from the land I am from (the UK) through celtic and pagan rituals, linked up with larger cyclical frameworks that supported me to understand more about the rhythm of regeneration. 


Regenerate means to grow again, it comes from the latin ‘re’ which means again and ‘generare’ which means to create. It is what my heart and soul revolves around. I live the question of how we move towards a world that is generative through our relationships, through our communities and through our connection to the earth. Something that can edge us away from decline, extinction, ecosystem collapse, away from massive inequality, scarcity, oppression and generate something much greater and more profound rooted in the cyclical wisdom of this world around us. 


It is this that I have found myself nurturing through all of the different threads of my life, a constant curiosity of how I can live the possibility of this now. Through following the work of adrienne maree brown and many other writers and teachers in my life, I am committed to reimagining what is possible and shaping an emerging future.