What if we each had a wellspring of energy, wisdom or intelligence inside of us that just needs to be gently teased out and caressed in order for it to come alive?


That with a good question, deep presence and listening, we might be offered the space to uncover something extraordinary hiding in the shadows. 

I’ve spent a number of years being curious and holding space for people to listen to what’s alive for them, in connection to their creativity, their activism, their work, learning, soul and so much more. I offer space through mentoring, coaching and peer support for folks in need of holding and a container to explore the challenges and opportunities they are facing. 

One of the main threads that runs through my work is I want to support people to become aware of how shifting and transforming culture begins with ourselves, it begins with our bodies wisdom, our resilience and our ability to listen to our soul. My approach to mentoring is about supporting you to listen to that wisdom that lives deep within you. The deep well of resourcefulness that exists beneath all of the cultural conditioning.

“Alana has such a beautiful strength in holding space and imparting deep wisdom for body, mind & soul.”

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What I offer:

I believe that a culture of mentoring, peer support and coaching is necessary to build the resilience and possibilities that can shape change and transform the systems that are assaulting and destroying both earth and people. I'm here to support activists, change-makers and those who are doing regenerative work to be resourced and nourished so that they can continue doing the important work of this time. You can’t give from an empty cup. 

One off / Rolling

Responding to your needs we can meet as often or as little as you would like to gain support into whatever challenge, enquiry or issues you need support on. Or if you would like some time to reflect, integrate or prepare for something.

Six Week Package

Over six weeks we’ll approach an issue or challenge through the lens of the cyclical wisdom starting with an intake session and then each week applying the energies of the different seasons and qualities of different points of the cycles before finishing with an integration.

Custom Package

Want to have continued support to enquire into something, an issue, a theme, a problem? We can co-create a package together that suits your needs if your in a transition, experiencing burnout or want specific support for something your going through. 

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Sliding scale £35 / £45 / £55
Places available at £25 - reserved for Low Income, BIPOC, LGBTQ+ and historically marginalised folks. If finances are an issue please get in touch, especially if you're an activist and experiencing burnout.

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Approaches I draw on:

G.R.O.W Coaching Framework

8 Shields Culture of Mentoring
Cyclical Wisdom
Grief & Gratitude
Radical Re-imagination
Emergent Strategy
Pleasure Activism
Embodied Tarot

Relevant Experience:
Bringing it Home
Enrol Yourself Host
Enrol Yourself Host Mentor
Apprenticeship of Grief 
Pause Apprenticeship

Contact Me:

insta: @alanablooms / @regeneratingrhythms_

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