Working with me

I’ve been leading and facilitating groups for five years, working with communities, individuals, charities and organisations in various different capacities. I work with these groups through a mixture of different practices connected to rest, embodiment, nature connection, grief, imagination, creativity & play, drawing on peer to peer learning, coaching and mentoring to foster an environment that supports curiosity, builds resilience and supports a deep sense of understanding.


Depending on your needs as a group, I design programmes that educate and connect people with frameworks of cyclical living and regeneration in order to support the emergence of cultures that reconnect and remember our interconnection with the living world. These programmes might last anywhere between a day, a week, a month or a year but can be created to build more regenerative cultural norms into organisations, businesses and communities. 


I believe that in order for us to shift the ways that we perpetuate a system, one that asks us to sacrifice our bodies for profit, first we must connect with our bodies, listen to how we push or suppress them, whilst creating the environment where we might experience wholeness and belonging. Through creating experiences that centre the connection to our bodies and their rhythms, we also bring in the connection with nature, it’s cycle and seasonality as a map and framework to build on.