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In order to reckon with the harms we've create upon this earth we know that we have to regenerate and repair on the individual, interpersonal, collective and planetary levels, to not just survive but thrive in the face of increasing crises, inequality and uncertainty. 


Regenerating Rhythms exists to support all those who are building, visioning and dreaming a regenerative future; (activists, policy makers, farmers, artists, organisers, you name it) to live the regenerative systemic change they seek in their lives and the way they approach their work.

Whilst also supporting more people to consider how their lives are the fertile ground for building a regenerative future through their health, wellbeing an 

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We achieve our mission by:

Creating learning experiences in line with our values that support a deeper and profound connection with the earth that is also in relationship to place/land.

Pollinating a regenerative and holistic approach to the cultural challenges of our time, inviting slowness in the face of urgency and spaces that allow us to grieve everything that has been lost.

Using natures regenerative cyclical map as the foundation to build learning, culture and healing upon as we remember that we are nature.

Welcoming learning to learn and unlearn as part of building, dreaming and visioning a regenerative future.

Creating lab spaces for research, explorations and experiments that support cultural healing and systemic change.

Supporting the regenerative movement by weaving practitioners into community by bridge building, making connections, deepening, empowering, whilst building trust, capacity and learning together

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Rites of Passage / Nature Initiations
Deep Ecology / Nature Connection

 Radical Re-imagination / Visionary Futurism

Emergent Strategy

Pleasure Activism

Embodiment & Somatic's 

Grief Tending

Practical Animism 

Mentoring / Coaching

Art / Creativity / Performance

Ritual Theatre 

Earth based spirituality / Regenerative cultures

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Some of the questions and values that continue to arise:

Care - How can we radically care for the earth, each other and ourselves?

Belonging  - What will help us remember our innate belonging and worth?

Nurture   How can we nurture each other/ourselves in times of uncertainty?

Sanctuary  - How can we create sanctuary in the face of crises and massive inequality?

Balance  - What supports us to be in balance with the earth?

Remembering - What will help us rediscover wisdom that has been lost?

Rest  - What if rest is part of how we create change?

Regeneration  - How can we repair harm?

Resilience - What will prepare us to face increasing uncertainty?


  1. Rest is sacred, rest allows space to dream and imagine a regenerative world into being. We need to prioritise rest if we are to prioritise and imagine a post-growth regenerative future.

  2. Wholeness is created through a diversity of rhythms, nature is by design diverse, therefore we need to welcome and learn how to cultivate and be with diversity. Diversity of experiences, approaches, beliefs, values.

  3. Death and grief are part of the cycle of regeneration. We live in a death and grief phobic culture, but these are natural elements of our ability to regenerate and thrive. We learn to become familiar with our grief.

  4. You are not separate from the earth or nature, you are nature. Your body is connected to the day and night, the rhythms of the seasons, to the weather, to light, to air, to water. You were made to be interconnected and interdependent with the world around you.

  5. Cyclical wisdom is the earths map of regeneration, it is millions of years old and shows us how nature regenerates. We can learn how to create cultural regeneration through this map.

  6. Remembering and reclaiming our interdependence with nature is part of re-finding our indigeny. Colonialism and capitalism strip us of living in connection with the earth and the wisdom it offers. We are rewilding through the indigenous wisdom of the lands we live upon to support the process of decolonising our minds, bodies and hearts.

  7. That inner work and enquiring into how we each show up in the structures and systems is part of the outer work of growing a equitable future. We need to be open to how we can be changed by the process of creating change.

  8. We can learn and unlearn through observing and listening. Nature and the otherwise have much to show us if we can pay attention. Observation and wonder is also how we build deeper relationships with place.

  9. Dismantling systems of oppression, both internally and externally, is the spiritual and sacred work of our time. It requires time, care, presence and resilience. We will make mistakes but our growth is in how we can learn from them.

  10. There is so much we don't know. It is all emerging. It is unknown. Life is a mystery.




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