Fog and Nature

Stewarding Our Ecological Awakening 


Regenerating Rhythms explores cyclical living and rewilding as a pathway towards systemic transformation, through cultural healing and connection to nature.

Founded in early 2020 it has since hosted multiple workshops, conversations and learning experiences, including with the Design Science Studio, The Craigberoch Deccelerator, Be The Earth Foundation, The Psychedelic Society and Youth by Youth.


Run by Alana Bloom, it is an emergent platform for collaboration, inquiry and learning  into how we might live in an ecologically responsible way centred in the intelligence of nature and the cyclical tempo of our bodies.



Regenerating Rhythms is a platform that explores the intersections of cyclical living, climate and ecological breakdown and systemic transformation through deep ecology, rewilding, nature connection, emergence and soulcentric practices. It explores that which has been forgotten or exiled from mainstream culture as a radical pathway to wholeness. 

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My name is Alana and my mission is to support those around me to live wild and soulful lives through remembering their wholeness and the cyclical intelligence within and around us. I’m a facilitator, artist, mentor and activist seeking to share in regenerative possibilities and practices for both our human and non-human collective liberation.

"One of her many gifts is gently and powerfully helping groups to ground in the ways of nature and the rhythms of the body. She lives and breathes what she teaches, she shares from her inner well of lived experience. Alana holds brave spaces where people are invited to bring their whole selves; she is not afraid to welcome challenging conversations or emotions as sources of deep learning." - Emma Ashru Jones, Coach, Facilitator & Strategist 

Image by Annie Spratt

Regenerate means to grow again, it comes from the latin ‘re’ which means again and ‘generare’ which means to create.

Simply put, Regenerating Rhythms is ‘creating again’ that which has been lost and forgotten. It is about reigniting lost wisdom in relationship to place through our current time or context. This includes ecological regenerative practices and holistic cultural healing practices.



For so long western society has existed on the path of perpetual growth and it has  led us to a turning point of human and planetary burnout. 


Many of our ancestors all over the world once lived in harmonious ways with the more than human world. Much has changed and for those of us who have been born into cultures of separation it feels like a mysterious journey to try and weave ourselves back into the world in this way. 


Yet it is imperative and necessary that we do so for present and future generations. 


It is only through learning to dismantle the systems of capitalism, consumerism, white supremacy, colonialism and patriarchy, within as much as around us, systems that keep us from experiencing our true belonging and interdependence with nature, that we can create a life-affirming future for people and the planet. 


Regenerating rhythms is part of this journey of unlearning and rewilding both land and people together. A re-membering of the parts of ourselves and our culture that have been severed from us, those parts that can lead us towards our individual and collective ecological awakening.




Compassionate 1-2-1 space for people grappling with the challenges and issues of our time to connect to themselves and what is important and meaningful in their lives.

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Short Courses

Introductory learning journeys and deeper dives into the practice, approach and activism of cyclical living and rewilding.

Retreats and Immersions

Rewilding retreats for women run alongside Gaia Harvey Jackson as well as a variety of other immersions and collaborations designed to unleash our creative gifts.

One off workshops

One off experiential workshops or lectures that cover current cultural or systemic issues and the practices and approaches to cultivate in the face of them.


Offering in depth knowledge and experience for individuals and organisations. Get in touch with your needs to find out what I offer.


"I'd been experiencing chronic burnout from my activist work and lifestyle which left me feeling deeply exhausted and hopeless. I'll never forget where we were or Alana's compassionate and courageous facilitation in moving me to realise and reflect on how I was not only harming myself but reproducing the very dynamics my activism was trying to dismantle. Since that paradigm-shifting workshop, my whole work ethic, way of seeing the world, and understanding of myself has been transformed - and I use none of these words lightly." - Vanessa Faloye, Social Justice Educator

This work is for you if you are:

wanting to shift your relationship to productivity and hustle culture

seeking to live a life in deeper connection to the natural world

experiencing climate and ecological related grief  or anxiety

craving more ecological awareness into your activism 

learning about alternative maps and pathways towards systemic change 

experiencing or are prone to experiencing burnout 

looking to develop skills to support inner led change

  By aligning our conscious selves with the rhythms and cycles of outer nature, we invite and support the embodied expressions of our souls, our inner nature." - Bill Plotkin, Soulcraft


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With thanks to my mentors and teachers, those that I have learned from directly and those who have been hugely influential and inspiring throughout my journey.


Standing on the shoulders of:


Rebecca Card

Peter Cow

Toni Spencer

Azul Valerie Thome

Daniel Foor

adrienne maree brown

Robin Wall Kimmerer

Bill Plotkin

Daniel Wahl

Joanna Macy 

Francis Weller

Stephen Jenkinson

Martin Shaw

Ayana Young
Matej Matekja

Jerzy Grotowski