Regenerate means to grow again, it comes from the latin ‘re’ which means again and ‘generare’ which means to create.

Regenerating Rhythms is about finding balance, alignment and integrity with the natural world around us so that we can move away from extractive, capitalist and colonial ways of being into relationship centred regenerative cultures of care.



Regenerating Rhythms creates learning programmes that support and connect people with frameworks of cyclical living, deep ecology and nature connection. It  pulls together a number of different practices and approaches that can support cultural shifts within individuals, communities and larger organisations that prioritise the wellbeing of people and planet.

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I'm Alana...

... a facilitator, performance artist, regenerative practitioner and activist creating nourishing spaces that explore what it means to live life deeply connected to the rhythm of the Earth. I’m passionate about the connection between inner led change, systems thinking, nature connection and deep ecology. I’m currently using regenerative cyclical living as a practice to learn and educate about cultural patterns that have led us towards climate breakdown, ecosystem collapse and mass extinction and discover how we can make the radical shifts towards cultural healing and regenerative cultures before it’s too late.

"As a Facilitator she strikes a beautiful balance between holding the structure while attuning and adapting to what is intuitively called for in the moment. One of her many gifts is gently and powerfully helping groups to ground in the ways of nature and the rhythms of the body. She lives and breathes what she teaches, she shares from her inner well of lived experience." - Emma Ashru-Jones

Image by Annie Spratt

Regenerative Cyclical Living


Our obsession with a perpetual summer of extractivism, constant productivity, economic growth and profit has led us to global burn out as we face climate breakdown, biodiversity loss, mass inequality and an epidemic of stress, anxiety and mental health issues.

Regenerative Cyclical Living might be described as a remedy to some of the troubles of these times, a pathway towards building an Ecological Civilisation that embodies diversity, balance, life cycles, fractal organisation and symbiosis. Through cyclical living we can learn to value whole cycles and processes, seeing death and stillness as essential parts needed for regeneration. If our cultural has swung way out of balance in the allure of perpetual summer - then regenerative cyclical living is the embodiment of a culture that has remembered to live in alignment with the Earth’s intelligence.


Within the pedagogy of Regenerating Rhythms Regenerating Cyclical Living is a combination of practices that can bring us closer to natural processes and the earth’s cyclical rhythm, this includes: 


The Celtic wheel of the year

The 8 shields map

Deep nature connection

Menstrual cycle awareness

Regenerative land management and agriculture

For each of us it will look different but it might mean remembering our interdependence with the natural world through deep nature connection or learning to understand the cyclical processes of nature when we grow food and look after the land, from soil regeneration to the water cycles. It might mean honouring the cycles and the passing of time through the seasons, embodying the lifelong journey of humans towards Elderhood and valuing the place of Elders in our culture. It might mean honouring death, dying and grief as essential parts of regeneration or seeing how remembering our connection to the earth and the cyclical rhythm of nature is an essential part of systemic transformation.

"Rewilding ourselves could be the key to successfully changing the culture in which we live."


Work with me

Work with me


I offer mentoring for those wanting to bring more practices of regenerative cyclical living into their lives and find deeper alignment with their values. I use my experience with peer to peer learning, GROW coaching model and 8 shield cultural healing practices.


I offer consultation, programmes and activities for businesses and organisations who are looking to build workplace cultures that are focused on the wellbeing of their employees and their physical, emotional and mental health.


I run a range of courses including Earth Rhythms and Living in Rhythm that are available for anyone to participate in. These learning journeys can also be run specifically for communities seeking to develop regenerative practices for their work.

What to expect:

  • Tools and resources to understand mainstream dominant patterns that feed the extractivist capitalist system.

  • Discovering the importance of inner led change within activism and systems thinking. 

  • Practices and pathways to embody regenerative cultures in your everyday life

  • Remembering that the world is alive and our deep connection and interdependence with it and as part of it.


What people say 

"I'd been experiencing chronic burnout from my activist work and lifestyle which left me feeling deeply exhausted and hopeless. I'll never forget where we were or Alana's compassionate and courageous facilitation in moving me to realise and reflect on how I was not only harming myself but reproducing the very dynamics my activism was trying to dismantle. Since that paradigm-shifting workshop, my whole work ethic, way of seeing the world, and understanding of myself has been transformed - and I use none of these words lightly. Alana and Regenerating Rhythms created the conditions for me to reconnect with what I had forgotten was most important to me, my wellbeing and the natural world around me, in a way that I'll never forget. Gratitude is all I can express for the magic that Alana conjures with her work. " - Vanessa Faloye

"I got to experience a taste of what might happen if I embraced the natural cycles of my day, my month, my year. I saw more clearly what might arise if we were to collectively lean into the rhythms of nature with our bodies, our work, and our relationships. How much could be restored, how much could be renewed? .” - Yasminca Wilson

 “Alana held our online session with gentle strength and I felt guided well in to an in-depth workshopping of ideas, movement and healing for my body, mind and nature. I unravelled some grief and un locked some of my bodies wisdom with Alana’s creative guidance” - Rosie Terry Toogood

'Alana has such a beautiful strength in holding space and imparting deep wisdom for body, mind & soul. Feeling inspired and rejuvenated to know I’m not alone in being sensitive to the seasons and my body’s deep need for rest. - Laura Reeves

‘Her mixture of skill, authentic expression, intuition and pure feminine power as a facilitator, ritualist and artist have empowered, inspired and catalysed my own authentic creative expression.’ - Julianne Meuller  


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